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  Doctor Who Image Archive Compiled and Presented by Steve Hill
  Established 09 January 1996 Total Number of Images: 7455 Total Bytes of Images: 357.9 MB
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  William Hartnell (First Doctor 1963-1966) 38 pics 22Jan03
                                                    William Hartnell movies on DVD    
  Patrick Troughton (Second Doctor 1966-1969) 20 pics 28Aug98
  Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor 1970-1974) 28 pics 22Jan03
  Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor 1974-1981) 40 pics 22Jan03
  Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor 1981-1984) 29 pics 22Jan03
  Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor 1984-1986) 23 pics 22Jan03
  Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor 1987-1996) 21 pics 22Jan03
  Paul McGann (Eighth Doctor 1996-) 25 pics 22Jan03
  Christopher Eccleston (The Doctor 2005) 11 pics 24Mar04
  David Tennant (The Doctor 2005-2009) 7 pics 21Jun05
  Matt Smith (The Doctor 2010-) 4 pics 03Jan09
  Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman 1963-1964) 36 pics 22Jan03
  William Russell (Ian Chesterton 1963-1965) 8 pics 09Mar01
  Jacqueline Hill (Barbara Wright 1963-1965) 7 pics 09Mar01
  Maureen O'Brien (Vicki 1965) 23 pics 11Oct01
  Peter Purves (Steven Taylor 1965-1966) 6 pics 28Aug98
  Adrienne Hill (Katarina 1965) 5 pics 22Jan03
  Jean Marsh (Sara Kingdom 1965-1966) 4 pics 16Feb01
  Jackie Lane (Dorothea "Dodo" Chaplet 1966) 14 pics 08Mar01
  Anneke Wills (Polly Wright 1966-1967) 11 pics 22Jan03
  Michael Craze (Ben Jackson 1966-1967) 4 pics 23Feb97
  Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon 1966-1969) 10 pics 22Jan03
  Deborah Watling (Victoria Waterfield 1967-1968) 13 pics 22Jan03
  Wendy Padbury (Zoe Herriot 1968-1969) 57 pics 08Mar01
  Caroline John (Elizabeth "Liz" Shaw 1970) 26 pics 16Feb01
  Katy Manning (Josephine "Jo" Grant 1971-1973) 23 pics 22Jan03
  Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith 1973-) 58 pics 22Jan03
  Ian Marter (Harry Sullivan 1974-1975) 8 pics 22Jan03
  Louise Jameson (Leela 1977-1978) 21 pics 22Jan03
  K9 (1977-) 3 pics 28Aug98
  Mary Tamm ("Romana" 1978-1979) 12 pics 16Feb01
  Lalla Ward ("Romana" 1979-1981) 30 pics 22Jan03
  Matthew Waterhouse (Adric 1980-1982) 11 pics 28Aug98
  Sarah Sutton (Nyssa 1981-1983) 16 pics 22Jan03
  Janet Fielding (Tegan Jovanka 1981-1984) 29 pics 22Jan03
  Mark Strickson (Vislor Turlough 1983-1984) 9 pics 08Mar01
  Kamelion (1983-1984) 1 pic 13Apr97
  Nicola Bryant (Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown 1984-1986) 34 pics 22Jan03
  Bonnie Langford (Melanie "Mel" Bush 1986-1987) 50 pics 22Jan03
  Sophie Aldred (Dorothy "Ace" 1987-1989) 29 pics 28Aug98
  Daphne Ashbrook (Dr Grace Holloway 1996) 8 pics 17Aug97
  Billie Piper (Rose Tyler 2005-2006) 20 pics 24May04
  Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones 2006-) 0 pics 04Jul06
  Catherine Tate (Donna Noble 2008) 0 pics 03Jan09
  Karen Gillan (2010-) 2 pics 29May09
Supporting Characters and Guest Stars
  Roger Delgado (The Master 1971-1973) 8 pics 28Aug98
  Peter Pratt and Geoffrey Beevers (The Master 1976 and 1981) 2 pics 10Feb97
  Anthony Ainley (The Master 1981-1989) 8 pics 28Aug98
  Eric Roberts (The Master 1996) 9 pics 07Jul97
  Derek Jacobi (The Master 2007) 0 pics 22Jun07
  John Simm (The Master 2007) 0 pics 22Jun07
  Kate O'Mara (The Rani 1986-1993) 6 pics 22Jan03
  Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart 1968-1989) 15 pics 28Aug98
  Richard Franklin (Captain Mike Yates 1971-1974) 3 pics 28Aug98
  John Levene (Sergeant John Benton 1968-1975) 5 pics 22Jan03
  Fernanda Marlowe (Corporal Bell 1971) 4 pics 23Feb97
  Richard Hurndall (First Doctor 1983) 3 pics 10Feb97
  Gerald Flood (voice of Kamelion 1983-1984) 1 pic 03Jul96
  John Leeson (voice of K9 1977-1981) 2 pics 16Feb01
  David Brierly (voice of K9 1979-1980) 1 pic 09Feb97
  David Banks (Cyberleader 1982-1988) 2 pics 28Aug98
  Lisa Bowerman (voice of Bernice Summerfield 1997-) 2 pics 08Mar01
  India Fisher (voice of Charley Pollard 2001-) 1 pic 09Mar01
  Caroline Morris (voice of Erimem 2001-) 2 pics 05Jun02
  Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler 2005-2006) 0 pics 22Jun05
  Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith 2005-2006) 0 pics 22Jun05
  John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness 2005) 0 pics 22Jun05
Monsters and Aliens
  Monsters & Aliens 32 pics 28Aug98
Story and Episode Images
  First Doctor Stories 767 pics 11Oct01
  Second Doctor Stories 582 pics 21Mar99
  Third Doctor Stories 568 pics 16Sep04
  Fourth Doctor Stories 941 pics 03Mar03
  Fifth Doctor Stories 624 pics 09Sep04
  Sixth Doctor Stories 170 pics 11Oct01
  Seventh Doctor Stories 272 pics 01Apr99
  Eighth Doctor And Beyond 291 pics 27Mar99
  Ninth Doctor Stories 420 pics 18Apr06
  Title Sequences 17 pics 20Jun97
Books and Novelisations
  First Doctor Novelisations 37 pics 19Jul97
  Second Doctor Novelisations 31 pics 10May98
  Third Doctor Novelisations 32 pics 10May98
  Fourth Doctor Novelisations 49 pics 17May98
  Fifth Doctor Novelisations 19 pics 19Jul97
  Sixth Doctor Novelisations 10 pics 19Jul97
  Seventh & Eighth Doctor & Beyond 13 pics 19Jul97
  Xtra Books including Script Books 26 pics 17May98
Other Images and Indices
  Doctor Who Actors in Other Films 1430 pics 02Mar03
  Other Images 54 pics 14Dec98
  Logos 24 pics 10May98
  Video Release Covers 132 pics 08Mar01
  TARDIS Images 203 pics 05Apr99
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