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JUNE 2007

If you've ever spent any amount of time browsing my website - which has been available in some form on the WWW since 1995 - you'll have noticed something different from many other sites. Or rather, you won't have noticed something. My pages never, ever bring up pop-up ads. My pages have no outside advertising and no outside banners. The only advertisements seen anywhere on my site are one or two self-created ads to link to online retailers, and Google ads found only on certain pages. I also provide ordering links for many of the movies shown on my various pages, but these are all unobtrusive. What I'm getting at is that I'm not providing all this content as a means to make money. So many people are.

I am not a company, I'm one person. Any funds that go toward the running of the site come out of my own pocket. If you have used and enjoyed my site in the past, and would be willing to contribute any amount of money in appreciation, know that every little bit helps the site stay alive and free, and you have my most sincere thanks.

And you know what? If you'd like to give, but can't afford to... I'd also be happy to accept an email saying "hi".