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Easy. I don't have it.

One of the most frequently asked questions is some variation of: "I was just browsing your site. It's great, but how can you not have the title screen from _____(fill in the blank)____? I think you should add it!"

Here's the answer: all of these title screens are movies that I have in my own video collection. Anything that doesn't appear here simply does not exist in my collection. If you'd like to see it included in the Movie Title Screens gallery, you have several options.

Option 1. Add the screen yourself. See user submissions for instructions.

Option 2. Buy the video for me. You can donate to the site here.

Option 3. Wait for me to buy the video and add it to the gallery. Since there are plenty of movies I never wish to own, you might be in for a long wait. Email me if you want to know of any specific titles.

I hope that fully and clearly defines the gallery's inclusion criteria!

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