The Federation (Return to Home Page) Jennifer Adams Kelley as Peri and Steve Hill as the Sixth Doctor Jennifer Adams Kelley as Peri and Steve Hill as the Sixth Doctor
L to R: Mark Christensen, Pat Reardon, Chris Brainerd, Pat Engle, Rob Warnock, Jeff Sparrow L to R: Mark Christensen, Pat Reardon, Chris Brainerd, Pat Engle, Rob Warnock, Jeff Sparrow

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"Bill Filer and the Attack of the Swarm" OFFICIAL SITE
The sequel to the popular two-part Six Minute Movie "Bill Filer - UNIT Operative" is an amibitious full-length comedy STILL starring that clueless American special agent from "The Claws of Axos", Bill Filer! From BVD Productions, and featuring Federation members Jennifer Adams Kelley, Robert Warnock and Steve Hill.

The Federation - OFFICIAL SITE
Jennifer Adams Kelley braves the wild world of Microsoft FrontPage to maintain the OFFICIAL Federation web site. Here's where you'll find all the information you could want about our current productions.

The Reign of Turner
This site was put up to promote the movie as we were nearing the re-edit premiere waaaaay back in 1996. You'll find some other links to Federation information, but all of this stuff will soon be incorporated into this new web site that you're looking at now.

Colin Caulkins' Doctor Who Fan Video List
This is THE site to visit for up-to-date information on all things fanvid. Colin does a terrific job with this outstanding resource.

Ryan K Johnson's Homepage
The relationship between Ryan Johnson and the Federation goes way back to around 1983. Ryan liked our movies, and we liked his! Well, we were doing the Video'Zine, and he liked the method of distibution, so the first exposure some people had to his female Doctor films was through the Federation. He's got tons of interesting info on his site, and you can even see "Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation" online!

Federation Video'Zine Catalog
This site gives you all the information on the Video'Zine, the first (and only) regular fan video magazine that ran during the second half of the 1980s. This is where you can get most of our productions, a score of other fan productions and some rare clips of Doctor Who stars.

Internet Movie Database - The Federation
The great Internet Movie Database is something I've been using since before Netscape existed. It's a great resource, one of the best on the web. This link takes you directly to the IMDb entry listing Federation-distributed productions so you can in turn see the entries individually.

Homegrown Productions
Vasilios Alagiannis and his Homegrown Productions have made the fan videos Access Denied and Hidden Secrets.

Neil Marsh's Fan-Made Audio & Video Links
Neil Marsh composed the music for the fan video Time Rift resulting in rave reviews. He also bought a copy of The Reign of Turner at Visions'97. His page of fan production links is currently the best place to find other productions, both audio and video.

Romana's Jettisoned Room: Fan-Produced Dr. Who and Spinoffs
Tom Jennings has a nice list of fan production including comments about a few of them. You'll also find a link to the Telesnap Reconstructions among others.

Keith Bradbury's Virtual Universe: Who Related Releases
A page of reviews (including covers) of Doctor Who spinoff video releases. Most of the titles listed are professionally-made independent videos, but you will find a review of The Reign of Turner.
Michael Lee's Question Mark
A page with many reviews of Doctor Who products - books, videos, etc., and other articles including some convention-related items.
Dennis Kuhn's "Time and Again"
Dennis portrays the Doctor in the excellent "Time and Again" fan-produced video. Here you'll find information on the project including a downloadable trailer, plus a review of Visions'98 and other personal information. Download RealPlayer G2 Free
This link takes you straight to the page where you can download the RealPlayer G2 for free. The Real home page is at Download QuickTime 3.0 Free
This link takes you straight to the page where you can download the latest QuickTime release. The Apple home page is at

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