The Federation (Return to Home Page) Jennifer Adams Kelley as Peri and Steve Hill as the Sixth Doctor Jennifer Adams Kelley as Peri and Steve Hill as the Sixth Doctor
L to R: Mark Christensen, Pat Reardon, Chris Brainerd, Pat Engle, Rob Warnock, Jeff Sparrow L to R: Mark Christensen, Pat Reardon, Chris Brainerd, Pat Engle, Rob Warnock, Jeff Sparrow

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Chris Brainerd
Chris Brainerd, also known as the "One True Czar" had an affinity for musicals which might explain why so many of our productions were musically-based. Chris' main character was the Third Doctor, but he also played John Nathan-Turner in many productions like S-A-V-E-W-H-O and Cabaret! in addition to other characters in other movies (Barbara, for example). Chris is currently incarcerated and should stay that way for life. (More info added 2008: You know, I don't really see much point in harrassing someone simply because they once knew someone who has done something horrific, illegal and life-destroying. You random, hiding-behind-fake-email folks who like to send links to news articles about his activities can give it a rest.)
Mark Christensen
Mark Christensen was known throughout the midwest as the king of inflatable toys. No, not the adult kind, the novelty kind. The giant inflatable crab is in Who on TV, the frog is in The Reign of Turner and more. Mark's main character was the First Doctor. Mark also frequently played production-types like Barry Letts and Eric Saward in addition to specializing in a Monty Python-style Gumby character. Mark was the keeper of the TARDIS prop during its inactive years until it was brought out again for Realitywarp and subsequent productions. Mark is married and lives in Waukegan, Illinois.
Jennifer Adams Kelley
Jennifer Adams Kelley is most often seen as just about every female companion in Federation productions, but her favorite and most frequently performed role is that of Peri. Jennifer was Stage Manager and Masquerade boss every year at the HME/Visions convention in Chicago and is currently in charge of programming for ChicagoTARDIS. Jennifer is married with a child (Valerie) and lives in Skokie. See Jennifer's Official Federation Page. Also see her home page where you can get information on her freelance web design work.
Philip Kelley
Philip Kelley is best known for portraying Turlough but has a host of other roles including an important part in the latest movie Realitywarp. Philip is very active in the gaming/LARP world, from what I'm told, of course there's probably a proper name for it and I'm showing that I don't know what I'm talking about. Philip is married with a child (Valerie), and lives in Skokie. See if you can tell who he's married to.
Steve Hill
Steve Hill is most frequently seen as the Sixth Doctor, but also tackled the part of Turner in several productions. Steve is also known online as the creator and maintainer of the Doctor Who Image Archive. Another of Steve's annual projects is the HME/Visions show Mysterious Theatre 337 which he created, organizes, co-writes and directs with the participation of other Federation members. He spends most of his spare time driving to and from work. Steve is married and lives in Chicago.
Robert Warnock
Rob Warnock is most often seen as the Fifth Doctor throughout Federation history, but he's also played Vila, Victoria and (my favorite role) Melanie. Rob is also our resident score composer and his music regularly blows us away. One day we'll get his music page (recording under the name Independent Mechanical Industry) back up. He is a major participant in the Mysterious Theatre 337 show, playing the part of Glum, the cynical one. Rob is the "silent" member - the one nobody acknowledges. So say hi to him. Rob is also the volunteer coordinator for ChicagoTARDIS. He lives in Chicago.
Jeff Sparrow
Jeff Sparrow was occasionally seen as the Master but became our Seventh Doctor shortly after Sylvester McCoy's first season went into production. Jeff lives in Chicago and makes his own beer.
Jay Harber
Jay Harber's biggest regret is that he joined the Federation just as it was winding down in the late 1980s. Despite that, he turned in a terrific, hilarious performance as the Fourth Doctor for The Reign of Turner. Jay lives in the Chicago area.
Dennis Kytasaari
Dennis Kytasaari is probably best known for his great performance as Twavis in Flake's 7, but he has also played the Sixth Doctor and the Master. Speaking of Master, Dennis recently achieved this academic title. Dennis' web site (formerly "The Episode Guides Page") has been listed several times in Entertainment Weekly as a Top TV Web Site and was acclaimed in People magazine. He was a paid contributor to a Seinfeld commemorative magazine. Dennis lives in the Chicago area.
Pat Reardon
Although Pat Reardon always did a terrific job as the Second Doctor, his crowning performance was that of Avon in Flake's 7, for which he became one of the few Federation members to receive fan mail. Pat was also the first to don the red shirt with the black circle and play the unforgettable part of Dodo. Pat not only played the Doctor, he also can be called a Doctor after recently receiving his doctorate. Pat is married and lives in Alabama.
Pat Engle
Our legendary Fourth Doctor. Somehow we managed to find him and bring him out to Visions '93 to celebrate the Federation's 10th anniversary. I wonder if we'll be able to find him for the 20th? Pat was the source of many, many, many quotes and anecdotes and was always a lot of fun.
Steve Schiller
Our Sixth Doctor until 1986 or so, "The Chill" made the leap to feature films when he appeared in the Harrison Ford action thriller The Fugitive. He sort of disappeared from us for a while, then hung out a bit again at Club 950 in Chicago with Dennis, Steve and Rob and now I think he's disappeared again.
Paul Vnuk
Appeared most often as the Second Doctor. His home was featured in "Clue??" in which he portrayed the amorous James Bond. Paul is currently making waves as a musician...check out the official Ma Je Le website. Paul lives in Wisconsin.
Sue Warnock
Romana II. Bio coming.
Kathy Warnock
Jo Grant. Bio coming.
Eric Prellwitz
Eric played Adric in several of our productions, always doing a terrific job bettered only by his occasional "pooftah" portrayals. We last saw Eric during shooting for The Reign of Turner back in 1988 or thereabouts...but Jennifer and Philip ran into Eric in Lincolnwood in mid-July 1999, leading to the inclusion of Adric in our current production Traumaturge (and it also means he finally gets to see himself in The Reign of Turner 10 years after he was a part of it). To make the world even smaller, Eric's brother Grant took a job in the same place/department Steve Hill is employed.
Erin Tumilty
Erin did a terrific job playing Stacy Aldritch in Realitywarp after being the only respondent to an emergency casting call. We knew Erin already (a bit) from Visions. Unfortunately, and we're all very very sad about this, we've lost touch with her. In fact, nobody knows of Erin's whereabouts. If you have any insight, please contact us, we'd love to get back in touch with her!
Dave Broucek
A great mind for obscure trivia and a passion for Mystery Science Theater 3000 made Dave a great choice to co-write and perform in Mysterious Theatre 337 as Tycho, the young naive one. Dave is always on tap for the next installment of MT337, and he wound up as the BBC receptionist in Realitywarp because there was nobody else around. He's married and lives in a house.
George Zahora
Nick Kingery in Realitywarp. George is on several Doctor Who related mailing lists, making one post every season, or so. We shot Realitywarp with two SVHS cameras, one of which was George's, and we still have it. I'm sure he wants it back sometime, so we're taking very good care of it. George also supplied us with the most outtakes for Realitywarp because he'd crack up during most of the takes...but when he nailed it, he really nailed it. Interestingly enough, George later found employment at the same place as Steve.
Rick Kellerman
Performed in Mysterious Theatre 337 as Yads, and was MT337's lead writer for many shows because he came up with the most and wackiest material. Bio coming, but he'd just like to make it clear that he hates his credit for being "Boomhauer" the boom operator for Realitywarp.
Charles Morley
Michael Grade and Cybermen. Bio coming. Another guy we lost touch with and would like to reach again.
Sondra Clein
Susan Foreman. Bio coming.
Lloyd Baker
The Fourth Doctor. Bio coming.
Tim Kasper
The Brigadier. Bio coming.
John Wirth
Jamie. Bio coming.
Sonora Clew
A fictitious Federation member based on a hard-to-read credit for the real Sondra Clein.
Scott Wilsen
A fictitious Federation member based on a real member with a different name. Scott Wilsen became the catch-all ubergeek spud fan with no social skills or emotional development, and whenever we wanted a character like that, out came Scott. He still writes reviews occasionally. It's a pseudonym, of course, but he's still around.
Wilsen Scott
A fictitious Federation member because Scott had to have a best friend.
Kris Herzog
Recent recruit, also known as the Antiwesley. Kris portrayed Jacey Bacaron in the movie Traumaturge. I'm sure he's kicking around ideas for 6M2s or possibly further adventures of Jacey.
Mike Olson
Recent recruit. Mike's one of those guys who give the impression of overcommitting, but he really does manage to do all the things he says he can do! He was our camera operator for a majority of Traumaturge and has since been involved with writing, editing, special effects and more for various productions, most significantly taking on a major production role for Shadowcast. Mike is also the audiovisual and technical coordinator for ChicagoTARDIS. Mike lives near Joliet, Illinois.

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