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Reclamation (2005)
A ten-minute sequel to Shadowcast finds the demonic entity Nyarlathotep once again threatening the solar system - but this time it's hoping to devour the Earth. Available on the Shadowcast special edition DVD. See the website for more information by clicking here.
The Six-Minute Larry Pinger Show (2005)
Peri appears on the Larry Pinger Show to confront Mel for stealing her Doctor. They're bitches, and the Doctor is a whore. Are you ready for this? Probably not. Shot in the year 2000, shelved, then premiered unexpectedly in January 2005. See it now at the Six-Minute Movie site.
Shadowcast (2002/2004) ORDER NOW
A new serious Sixth Doctor/Peri story. This one, written and directed by Robert Warnock, is set on the outskirts of Earth's solar system near Pluto and its moon Charon. With some Lovecraft influences, this one is a bit creepy! See the website for more information by clicking here.
The Six-Minute Crocodile Hunter (2002)
The Sixth Doctor copes with an overenthusiastic and oblivious nature lover with a talking-to-the-camera fetish. Watch out for those Carbi. This one premiered at ChicagoTARDIS 2002 on 29 November 2002. See it now at the Six-Minute Movie site.
The Six-Minute Holiday (2001)
A quiet little holiday for the Sixth Doctor isn't as quiet for Peri. Premiered at ChicagoTARDIS 2001. See the Six-Minute Movie site.
The Six-Minute Grave Wisdom (2002)
A prequel of sorts to Shadowcast. A paid salvage crew is looking for something... but someTHING finds them first. See the Six-Minute Movie site.
The Six-Minute Guide to Fanwank (2001)
In which we try to cram as much fanwank as possible into the Six-Minute movie format. Not the Mountain Dew! Premiered at Gallifrey 2001. See the Six-Minute Movie site.
The Six-Minute "Requiem" Resolution (2000)
Our fourth 6M2, this one tries to answer those questions raised by the X-Files seventh season finale. Currently available for viewing. See the Six-Minute Movie site.
Traumaturge (2000) ORDER NOW
A traditional two-part Doctor Who story featuring the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa. Production was completed just a week before Gallifrey 2000 where it had its premiere (February 2000). You MUST check out the official site because it's got simply GOBS of content, including a complete, up-to-date illustrated production diary.
The Six-Minute Moon: 1999 (1999)
The second in the 6M2 series of fandom-made videos, a six-minute-long Space:1999 gag featuring Scully, Mulder, Peri and the Sixth Doctor. Mulder's obsession with Moonbase Alpha leads to some freaky coincidences. See the Six-Minute Movie site.
The Six-Minute Doctor Files (1999)
The first in a series of fandom-made videos, a six-minute-long X-Files crossover featuring Scully, Mulder, Mel and the Sixth Doctor. The Doctor decides it's time he left Mel behind. See the Six-Minute Movie site.
Realitywarp (1998) ORDER NOW
The production that brought us "out of retirement" and back into the world of fan video production! The vortex has been damaged, and the Sixth Doctor and Peri are helplessly trapped. Who comes to the rescue? A couple of actors named Nicola and Colin. The Official Realitywarp site features a full electronic presskit and more. Read reviews, see pictures or download other cool Realitywarp things on the Archive page.
The Reign of Turner (1988-1996)
Nine years in the making! An epic parody of the behind-the-scenes antics during the Turner years. Colin Bayker is given tapes from the matrix to use in his fight against the producer.
That's Federation! (1993)
Our "best of" retrospective in the style of The Blues Brothers. Several old Federation members decide to get the old gang together.
It's a Wonderful Regeneration (1988)
A parody of the holiday classic It's a Wonderful Life in which the Sixth Doctor is shown the value of his own regeneration.
Who on TV (1988)
A couple of ubergeeks are so obsessed with Doctor Who that everything they see or do is related to the show in some way. Includes crossover parodies with Gilligan's Island, The Six-Million-Dollar Man and I Love Lucy, among others.
Clue?? (1987)
A group of familiar detectives, secret agents and spies (such as James Bond, the Hardy Boys and Columbo) are gathered together at a mansion and are methodically killed off. Three different endings!
Thirteen Lives to Live (1986-1987)
Ongoing improvised episodic soap opera in eight parts. Omespud tries desperately to eliminate all of the Doctors because they used to tease him as a child.
The Time Lord from U.N.C.L.E. (1986)
The Fifth Doctor and Peri, temporarily stranded on Earth, join forces with U.N.C.L.E. agents Napoleon Solo (as played by Tom Baker) and Ilya Kuryakin to stop a confused madman with a time machine.
Flake's 7 II: The Wrath of Jan (1986)
The sequel to Flake's 7 picks up after the destruction of Star Un and includes crossover parodies of The Tripods, Back to the Future and Dempsey and Makepeace among others.
Peter and the Doctor Factory (1986)
Videotaped live performance of a skit based on the classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Taped at Tardiscon'86 in St Louis, Missouri.
Cabaret! (1986)
We took those familiar American convention cabarets and turned them into a Gong Show challenge!
The Chipmunkees (1986)
The Federation's homage to The Monkees is so similar in story and style it's uncanny.
Doctor Who and the Holy Grail (1986)
Popular short rewrite of Monty Python and the Holy Grail using Doctor Who characters and situations. Wait until you see the vicious Mara bite Jamie's head off!
S-A-V-E-W-H-O (1985)
Our most famous production features the cast and crew of Doctor Who trying to raise money telethon-style to ensure the post-hiatus continuation of the show. Great parodies ranging across the first 22 years of Doctor Who.
A Doctor's Carol (1985)
What collection of Doctor Who fan videos would be complete without a musical for the holiday season? A mysterious figure shows the Sixth Doctor his past, present and future Dickens-style.
Doctors on 33 (1985)
A collection of music videos with Doctor Who characters - doing the Time Warp, for example.
All Doctors Great and Small (1984)
What happens when one show gets mixed up with another? Characters from Doctor Who somehow find themselves stuck in All Creatures Great and Small trying to find a way out. Not your ordinary crossover.
Flake's 7 (1984)
The original classic Blake's 7 parody has Flake's crew searching for Star Un while Servaspam and Twavis relentlessly pursue them.
Never Say U.N.C.L.E. Again (Affair) (1984)
The Saint, the New Avengers and the men from U.N.C.L.E. find themselves stuck in The Village with Number 6. They must stop the evil entity that brought them all together before they end up killing each other.

The Five Doctors Booh (1983)
John Nathan-Turner tries to eliminate the first five Doctors so that his Doctor (the Sixth) will reign supreme. But is it really Turner?
The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Gallifrey (1985)
Crossover parody with The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy was completed but remains unavailable and unseen to this day.
Clue 2 (1988)
Sequel to Clue?? featured a different set of investigative agents like Starsky and Hutch, Kolchak: The Night Stalker and Johnny Depp's character from 21 Jump Street being stalked in the woods by a killer. This project was shot and edited but remains in limbo.
Flake's 7 III: The Search for Flake (1988)
Final part of the Flake's 7 trilogy ran into too many weather problems and was permanently shelved. Part of the Dune parody scene was shot.
Zerva's People (1988)
A concept presented by Jennifer Adams Kelley at a meeting for consideration during our discussions on what to do next. The idea was turned down and ultimately the next production was Who on TV.
Who Glorious Who (1986)
Ambitious musical production that got through scripting and as far as casting and read-through before becoming an undead project. Why not a dead project? Because it's the title that always comes up as the joke, as in "Maybe we can finish Who Glorious Who this year."
Fawlty Tardis (1986)
Abandoned when the computer on which the script was stored was stolen. This story involved the Doctor Who production team shooting Shada on location in Torquay, Basil Fawlty mail-ordering a naughty film and trying to keep it a secret from Sybil, and the film cans for Shada and Basil's nasty getting mixed up, forcing the cancellation of Shada. Quite ingenious, it's too bad we never got to finish it.
The Doctor of Oz (1986)
This one didn't get too far into the first-draft scripting stage, but it involved Peri taking the Dorothy role (this was before there was an Ace), John Nathan-Turner as Professor Marvel, and of course the Tin Man was a Cyberman. You get the idea.
Doctorgate (1988)
Doctorgate (working title) was to be the companion piece to S-A-V-E-W-H-O. It took the Trial of a Time Lord season and placed it in the context of the Iran-Contra hearings that were commanding the attention of the world at the time. A now-famous quote from a Federation member helped us to wisely abandon this line of thinking and rewrite the concept into The Reign of Turner. The quote: "Who's going to understand any of this in England a year from now?"
Shada: The Ancient Law of Gallifrey (1987)
Shortly after we acquired a copy of Shada on bootleg videotape, we decided that we would be the ones to finish it. Actually, to reshoot it completely. We had the complete script transcribed by hand from the tape, and we did at least one read-through. Alas, this production was fated to be unfinished TWICE in its lifetime. And the BBC got farther than we did.
Doctor Who's Flying Circus (1989)
MUM and the Federation always wanted to work together, and this was the first of our co-productions. Basically a half hour of sketch comedy based on Monty Python including the infamous Battley Townswomen's Guild re-enactment of The War Games.
Black Adric (1989)
Our second and (to date) last co-production was based on the final episode of The Black Adder with Adric getting fed up with his treatment and enlisting the most evil beings in the universe to kill the Doctor.

FARCIS 23 (1986)
Spirit of Light productions made Chicago fans happy in 1983-1985 with The Ultimate Celebration, TARDIS 21 and TARDIS 22. Then they pissed everyone off in 1986 when they cancelled TARDIS 23 after tickets had been on sale for some time. The Federation came to the rescue to the best of our abilities. We rented two meeting rooms at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare (the rooms now used for the Video Room at HME/Visions) and held our own damn convention. We had videos, panels, a charity auction, dealers... and people with TARDIS 23 tickets who didn't know the "real" convention had been cancelled.
Farciscon (1987)
We enjoyed doing our previous convention so much that we decided to do it again, this time at the site of 1982's infamous "Sweatcon", the Americana-Congress Hotel on Chicago's lakefront. Modeled after St Louis' "Tardiscon" from 1986 in which they stretched a scarf under the arch, we attempted to stretch a scarf around Buckingham Fountain. Sure enough, we ended up on the evening news.
Mysterious Theatre 337 (1996-present)
Federation member Steve Hill was the dance DJ at Visions from its inception, but when dance attendance declined he stole concepts from other people to create a live performance riffing Doctor Who. Information on this year's show

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