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Review by Mark Phippen

Well, I finally got around to watching 'Realitywarp' tonight.

And as my 2 and a half year old daughter said when she saw it 'It's Doctor Who!'.

'Realitywarp' is easily one of the most successful and enjoyable Doctor Who fanvids so far and has many impressive aspects.

Such as?

Well, there's the script, which is very original and inventive, and sets it apart from the usual fanvid constraints such as limited locations, low budget and lack of performers. Leads Steven Hill and Jennifer Adams Kelly effectively play three parts each. Nicola and Colin, Nicola and Colin who *become* Peri and the Doctor and the *actual* Doctor and Peri. This leads to an illusion of variety, when you are really seeing the same two people on screen for 90 per cent of the time.

Then there's the original score, which is *fantastic*. Original music seems to be one of the things that several fan vids have pulled off rather well in the past ('Time Rift' for instance), but none better than here.

Then there's the clever technical stuff. The very professional opening sequence where footage from the UK is blended with shots of 'Nicola' in her car works *very* well. With the aforementioned score playing over the top, and the expert blending of the title sequence throughout these scenes, the opening really impresses, being stylistically akin to many a high budget movie. (At this point I should admit to a certain vested interest, as it was yours truly who shot the UK footage - but it was how it was integrated that impressed)

Another, oft quoted, asset is Steve Hill's performance as Colin/The Doctor. While he bears only a *slight* similarity to Colin Baker (though more so, it has to be said, than any other fanvid actor has every looked like a Doctor), his mannerisms are very well observed, and his voice is so spot on at times that if you close your eyes you could easily be fooled. Not quite so impressive is Jennifer Adams Kelley's performance as Nicola/Peri - her lines are often rather garbled, and it is sometimes hard to follow what she is saying. She does, however, manage to convey Nicola's scepticism at the who affair rather well.

The supporting cast also put in solid performances, not least Erin Tumilty as Stacy, and Robert Warnock (who comes across as suitably desperate in his appearances as an apparition).

There are some impressive special effects, specifically in the dream sequence and Gordon Cole's flickering appearance when Colin makes the transformation into the Doctor. The Tardis exterior prop is very good indeed, and though the interior is not quite so impressive, it does the job nicely.

Another plus is the length. At 55 minutes, 'Realitywarp' never outstays its welcome, yet still has time to fully explore the ideas around which it is built.

I heartily recommend 'Realitywarp'.

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